The project will employ theoretical analysis using relevant analytical tools and data to quantify the green hydrogen production potential. The data required as input for the analysis include location information related to renewable energy resources, local energy demands, present and future climate change scenarios and impact, land and water use preferences among others. It will begin with assessing renewable energy potentials and energy utilization in the different countries. This parameter is key as green hydrogen can only be obtained if sufficient renewable energy can be harnessed. It will extend to land eligibility and water resources assessment necessary for the hydrogen production. Based on these information and other local preferences and conditions, the green hydrogen potential and related cost are estimated with the applied modelling and analytical tools.

The project technical teams for West and Southern Africa work hand in hand with the technical team in Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH to ensure that the relevant data needed for each region are obtained. Validation workshops are held to ensure that all project partners and stakeholders make inputs and agree on the results.

The different work packages in the project are listed as follows.

No. Work packages
WP1 Socio-political context and development opportunities
WP2 Land eligibility for renewable energy units and hydrogen infrastructure
WP3 Potentials of volatile renewable energy sources
WP4 Water resources: quantity and availability assessment
WP5 Future climatic development
WP6 Estimating local energy demands and survey of local infrastructure that can support hydrogen production
WP7 Assessing the techno-economic green hydrogen production and supply potential
WP8 Developing a general user interface (GUI) for the green hydrogen potential atlas
WP9 Project coordination and Dissemination

The interconnection between the different work packages is shown in the figure below.

Interlinkage between the work packages
Figure 1:: Interlinkage between the work packages