Main objectives

Sub-Saharan Africa in general is faced with the threat of an energy crisis primarily due to the growing population. Therefore, there is an urgent need to find sustainable and climate-smart ways of generating energy for the growing population.

The H2ATLAS-AFRICA project is focused on assessing the potential of generating hydrogen in sub-Saharan Africa (West and Southern Africa) from the renewable energy resources in the region. It will focus on detailed technological, environmental, economic and social feasibility assessment taking present and future local energy demands and climate change scenarios into consideration. It will assess the availability and suitability of land and water resources while taking into account other land and water uses.

The project will also evaluate the potential of green hydrogen utilization in these African regions as well as the possibility of its export. The key objectives therefore are:

  • Analysis of available renewable energy and water resources as well as all other resources necessary for green hydrogen generation.
  • Determine the green hydrogen potential within the West and Southern Africa regions based on the available assessed resources and identify the green hydrogen "hot spots".
  • Representation of the green hydrogen potentials in an interactive atlas- “H2Atlas".
  • Propose sites and concept for pilot project based on the potential atlas.