The interest in the activities of the H2 ATLAS-AFRICA project is huge. In this context, Dr. Solomon Agbo had the opportunity to present the project and its goals on Nigerian television. Together with Prof. Apollonia Okhimamhe, Federal University of Technology Minna and Director of WASCAL DRP on Climate Change and Human Habitat, Agbo answered interested questions from journalists.

West African countries are experiencing drastic changes due to climate change. Finding new ways to generate electricity and reduce greenhouse gases is therefore an important challenge. In Nigeria in particular, there is great potential for the production of green hydrogen. The country has sufficient renewable energy sources through sun and wind. In addition, sufficient water can be made available through seawater desalination. The green hydrogen holds the potentials to supply electricity to the African population and at the same time to use the green hydrogen economically by exporting it to other countries.

The interviews can be viewed on YouTube:

(SEE VIDEO) Potentials of Green Hydrogen Generation in Nigeria

Understanding The Green Hydrogen Energy Project